What was that I was saying? Oh yeah, I was going to start a blog . . .

Wow, I didn’t realize how difficult this was going to be. I mean, it’s my life and I’m just trying to comment on the mundaneness of it all but as it turns out this endeavor (like all endeavors in my life) is ripe with procrastination. It’s a horrible character flaw but its my own and darn it – I am going to OWN it. Procrastination – oh sweet, sweet procrastination. It doesn’t help that this particular winter has been the “worst winter in 20 years.” Blah, blah, blah. Although, to be honest, I was expecting it to be quite wintery here in the midwest so no surprise there but goodness gracious I am so happy we are out of DC — they are getting slammed right now.

I miss Fall.


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And for your enjoyment . . . some greenery

Dorothy? Dorothy, where are you?

Simply put, I am tired of winter.


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Am I smarter than a 5th grader?

I hope so; however, helping my 11 year old daughter with her book report this morning has put some serious doubts in my mind. Projects look so much better now – clip art, text boxes, and format templates really jazz a project up. Seriously, one of my most vivid memories was in 6th grade and doing grave rubbings for a major social studies project. Scored an “A”! I would be laughed out of the classroom now. Thank goodness for me, academic expectations for kids were much lower in the early eighties.

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Into the Blogosphere

I’ve talked so long about starting a blog and today I took the leap. I’m pretty excited – not sure where this will go but figured the first step is always the hardest – so sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

My Crew and Travel-Mates, aka - the family

This is a photo of my super, wonderful, and crazy family, my husband and three kids. I figured I would take them along this journey as well — and away we go!

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